While they are unique as individuals, they are like many others in the challenges they face.

  • "Things really changed at work and I'm always worried about losing my job."

  • "I spent all this time and money to become a (fill in the blank with their profession) and now I hate my job."

Patient Profiles

Licensed Clinical Counselor, Stillwater and St.Paul, Minnesota

My patients have challenges in school, work, and/or their relationships. They seek help for OCD, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, feeling chronically overwhelmed, and phobias. They are over-worked professionals, graduate students, cancer patients, caregivers, the newly retired, seniors adjusting to life changes, veterans, and couples looking for new ways to make their relationships better.

Don Horton, M.A., LPCC

  • "My mom died over a year ago and I can't seem to move on."

  • "It used to be I could handle everything. Now I can't seem to handle anything."

  • "I'm afraid of everything. Things I know shouldn't bother me do. I'm nervous all the time."

  • "I'm just sad all the time and I can't shake it."

  • "I can't stand (being alone, flying, spiders, cars behind me...and many others). My friend says it's a phobia."

  • "I can't sleep through the night anymore. I don't know what's wrong with me."

  • "We were inseparable when we first started dating; that's why we got married. Now we never get along. We decided to give counseling a chance."

  • "I have to check everything all the time.  When I leave in the morning, even if I'm almost at work, I have to drive back home to make sure I turned off the coffee maker."

  • "I have chronic pain and the doctor won't give me any more pain medication."